The Deal with Camille

Wandering Oak are the Fantasy Metal Band of your Dreams

I visited friends in Rochester, NY last weekend and my buddy suggested we check out this metal gig while I was in town. There were five bands on the bill at a venue called The Montage, so I knew it was going to be an interesting spread. There were a lot of grindcore acts, and […]

ONE PIECE: The Difference Between a Sag Sun and a Sag Moon

For the past three weeks I’ve been totally sucked into this TV show about pirates searching for the treasure of all treasures and watching it is the only thing I do with my free time. I have two Sagittarius friends who are obsessed with this anime One Piece, and one of them told me a couple […]

Astrology and Basketball

I grew up in Washington County, Maine, where high school basketball was everything. Growing up, there was always a game on the radio, and I played on rec league teams all throughout my childhood. My dad would drive me to practice and we would bang our heads listening to “Paradise City,” by Guns ‘n Roses. […]

Just One Long Song

I spent all day on Sunday running around town, going from thing to thing, without stopping for a second to catch my breath. I went to work early, had lunch with a friend, and played music all afternoon. It was the best day ever. Everything culminated in a volunteer shift at a show organized by […]


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