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Just when you thought you were safe, CLIBBUS – gig review – THE DEAL

adlt grrrl surpasses their personal best – profile – Mainer


Forging Unbreakable Bonds – People’s Inclusive Welding – Mainer


How it Felt when I Came Out of the Closet” – Oroboro, Vol. 7.

The Anglerfish (B) Submissions are Open Now!

Seeking comics, short prose (1500 words or less), and poetry on the theme The Internet. We’re looking for stories that explore connection, technology, and possibility. What’s your favorite thing about the World Wide Web? How do you think it could be different? When did you meet your first internet friend?

Submissions are due on August 30th, 2022.

The Anglerfish (A) – Spring, 2022

The first cycle of the Anglerfish was an ambitious, experimental radio collective made up of Jules Bradley, Phoebe Little, Anna Van Dine, Carly Peruccio, and myself (Camille Howard). We met monthly via Zoom to build our unique voices as audio storytellers, and follow our curiosity.

The Anglerfish (A) was partially supported by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

TURN BACK TIME features stories from Jules Bradley and Anna Van Dine, with a cocktail recipe by John Pascarella.

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