Additional Projects

Voices from the Barrens: Native Peoples, Blueberries, and Sovereignty (2020)


Directed by Nancy Ghernter

Mi’kmaq and Maliseet peoples from Maritime Canada and Maine have engaged in a traditional migration to harvest blueberries for generations. Voices from the Barrens explores how these traditions are challenged in the 20th Century: by international borders, 21st Century Argi-business, and climate change.

Learn more about this film on it’s website, and on instagram @voicesfromthebarrens.

Good Gold Fish (2019)


Written and Directed by Eliza Good

Margo and Ruthie are best friends, but as they get older, they start asking more questions about their faith, community, and relationship with one another.

learn more about this film on Eliza’s website.

I See Everything, I See Nothing at All (2018)


Written and Directed by Jenna Roscoe

Three women on a camping trip together explore the boundaries of their friendship as Phoebe copes with the death of a childhood friend.

learn more about this film on Jenna’s website.