ONE PIECE: The Difference Between a Sag Sun and a Sag Moon

For the past three weeks I’ve been totally sucked into this TV show about pirates searching for the treasure of all treasures and watching it is the only thing I do with my free time. I have two Sagittarius friends who are obsessed with this anime One Piece, and one of them told me a couple of spoilers that made me want to check it out. I think it’s a little ironic that the people who pitched the show to me are both Sag Suns because two of the main characters – Luffy and Zoro – are a perfect example of Sag Sun and Sag Moon.

Sagittarians are fun, exciting, and excited people, and they don’t give a shit what other people think. They have codes of honor that they stick to and are often a good judge of character. They’re often really into loyalty. If I were in astrology college, my minor would be in Sagittarius moons (even though I get C’s in all my classes ). I love having Sagittarius placement people in my life because they force me to work on my self-esteem, and being friends with them has helped me become a more fearless and confident person.

Luffy (right) is going to become King of the Pirates and find the One Piece. That’s how he approaches his life – the first thing he says on the show is priceless Sag Sun energy: “I SLEPT SO GOOD!” Where I am in the show (episode 35), Luffy is just starting to get his crew together. The first person he recruits is Zoro, who has green hair and mad himbo energy. Zoro is going to be the Greatest Swordsman who Ever Lived. Luffy and Zoro decide right away that they like the cut of the other one’s gib, and they are quickly a subtly inseparable duo.

One of the reasons that they get along so well is that they have really similar approaches to their goals. To become the King of the Pirates and the Greatest Swordsman who Ever Lived, you just have to do it, and Sagittarius is all about doing. They are both quick to size someone else up and decide how they feel about them. An interesting part of their dynamic is that sometimes Zoro trusts Luffy’s gut as an extension of his own – there are people who Luffy brings onto the crew that Zoro isn’t so sure about, but he trusts his Captain. I chalk this up to be Sag Moon’s propensity to go with the flow. Having a Captain around who he really jives with gives Zoro a good flow to get into.

The size of their personalities is another place where you can see the difference between a Sag Sun and Moon placement. Luffy has a huge personality. The reason he’s able to listen to his gut is because that boy’s gut is fucking loud. Zoro is kind of a cool as a cucumber type instead. He has the Sag Moon panache: the three earrings on one side, no piercings on the other? The Hawaiian shirt he’s wearing while they’re trying to rescue Nami from the fishmen pirates?? Zoro can be really cool by only doing a little, and Luffy is cool because of how willing he is to be a lot.

I’m only a small way into this series, so this is not my final answer on what their placements might be – but it seems to me like the things that draw Luffy and Zoro together are pretty Jupiterian. They’re lucky. They’re charming. They’re determined. God’s Favorite. Sagittarius.

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