Camille Howard

I Make Radio, Films, and stuff you can Read.

I’m also an educator, artists support worker, and amateur astrologer.

Check out my most recent piece of radio, Queers of Greater Portland.

Made for Maine Public Radio News.

The Deal with Camille?

69 Songs about Love

I really only listen to the same ten bands in a cycle that takes me about eighteen months to get through. I’m always retracing my steps to see how I feel about the bands I have loved. Going back to the checkpoints. Respawning my heart (please clap). One of the bands that I keep going […]

Glitching Liberation

In 2010 I was in the seventh grade and every Friday I would go Valley Video and rent queer-coded butch science fiction movies. It was my first Jupiter Return. I was very into the X-Men (especially Cyclops), and I had heard good and mysterious things about the Matrix, so I rented it on VHS tape. […]